How to blog your way through college: Tips for the under achiever.

So you know those moments where you just have so much to do that you just take a nap. That is my life. My whole life. No, not this current moment in my life, but my entire life. This is how i cope with reality. I nap. I dream. I cannot handle the pressure and […]

Being the only Nephilim on Campus

Not exactly sure if this statement is entirely true. Hopefully it’s not because they spend most of the time in sessions talking about how we are going to find our soul mates. I don’t fully understand the dynamics of human dating rituals but from what I gathered so far you met a person one day […]

Field trips, nature walks, teacher workshops. Oh my!

The AC is working. (I feel like I should keep you all informed on the temperatures of my room. Its important to ascertain the mood of the post.) I’m not sure of the exact thermostat reading because its not in my room, but at this current moment in time my feet are freezing. I’ve spent […]