Tips on “How to Flirt”? Just be personable.

The AC is on and i’m still irritated. I can’t take it. I’m learning a lot about myself lately. Like I literally breakdown in the heat (i.e. I cannot properly function, don’t call my name and for the love of all that is good and mighty DONT TOUCH ME).

I have 3 major topics to cover in this post. Well 2 but kinda 3. Kinda 4. We’ll see how it goes.

Topic change.

Listen to me. If anyone approaches my blog even thinking about ‘the friend zone’ I will slowly and painfully kill you after you fall asleep. (Which reminds me of how much I hate chain spam about things coming to get you, rude much.)

I AM NOT A FLIRT. I am THE most socially awkward person I know. I seriously don’t even know how to flirt. I am how ever a very bubbly, giggly, awkwardly smily, happy, individual. Dude, if you like me and I laugh at your jokes, do you know what that means? It means one of two things; 1. You’re funny, congrats, (use your talents for the good of all mankind) or 2. I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings so I said ‘LOL’. Thats its I said ‘LOL’ sometimes I may even say ‘KML’. It is ok. This is in no way implying that I want to touch you, kiss, or be in any situation with you where I am not fully clothed (this includes but is not limited to, pool parties, your bed, my bed, and any room that does not have 3 or more people excluding me and you). I don’t know why smiling and giggling got mixed up with me saying “please propose to me because I want to have your  babies”. I was just being friendly. Maybe it’s my only child syndrome. But honestly I refuse to take the blame. And the verdict comes from those I don’t even do it to. Certain people (no names shall be called but you have been informed that you would be referenced) take it upon themself to inform me every time they think I’ve been ‘flirty’. And it’s actually not just this one person I’ve gotten this from many people (though they have all been suspiciously of the male persuasion). 1. You don’t even know the relationship of me and who ever i’m ‘flirting’ (TALKING) too. You don’t know what we talk about. We could talk about the most deep, emotional, painful subjects in the world, they could be like a best friend to me. But i’m flirting because I’m laughing with him? Make sense. 2. I didn’t do anything! Clearly you are all confused, all I did was laugh. Is that all it takes to flirt? Laugh? At a joke? So I can’t laugh at jokes? I’m very confused.

I would just appreciate it if everyone would just calm the math down.

I’ve decided now that I don’t want to blog about the next topic because that’s going to raise to many questions that I do not wish answer at this point in my life journey.

In conclusion, calm yourself gentlemen, I don’t want to be in a relationship with you. And if that means your in the ‘friendzone’ and you don’t like that, then don’t mathin talk to me yo. Cause ghad forbid I laugh at something. I might just be leading you on.


Field trips, nature walks, teacher workshops. Oh my!

The AC is working. (I feel like I should keep you all informed on the temperatures of my room. Its important to ascertain the mood of the post.) I’m not sure of the exact thermostat reading because its not in my room, but at this current moment in time my feet are freezing.

I’ve spent the last two and a half months of my life as a summer intern. It’s stressing me the math out (I watch Adventure Time. I have the first 3 seasons on my laptop. Are you judging my life? Don’t) . I’m an intern at a national park so going to work isn’t that bad, simply because I’m surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers and ponds and whats not. It’s not so much the going to work but the actual work. As was already established, (or at least what I was trying to get across) I am not good at talking to other human beings, but for some reason people don’t seem to understand how my brain literally stops working when they ask me to talk to people and share information with them. Because of this clear misunderstanding/ out right not caring about my extreme dislike (I wouldn’t really say fear cause am not really afraid I just don’t do it well) of public speaking, over the past two months I’ve led field trips to other national parks (in some occasions on other islands), led nature walks through national parks, led snorkeling trips, was a camp counselor and now I’m currently assisting with a teachers workshop. Did I mention that I had to do all this stuff BY MYSELF! With pretty much NO INFORMATION! While hiding my runes under long sleeves and jeans (#NephilimSummerWear)!

See I’m not good at test taking and presenting information to others is pretty much like test taking to me. When I take a test I blank, so only the information that is REALLY in there can translate. So if you send me off with pretty much nothing, this here field trip is going to suck turtle sticks.But dispit my unpreparedness I’ve made it through and this is my last week of uncomfortable work days. But I will say it helped. I got more and more comfortable with each tour. I would have been nice to watch some other, more experience persons first.

The delightful temperatures of my room have kept me in such high spirits that I’ve lost track of time. As there are no people in my house I can comfortably walk down my hall and get my own water and seek a nice warm shower to warm my frozen feet that I well then freeze again in my room. AC is mathtastic (fun with Finn and Jake đŸ™‚ )

Does thinking you’re a hypochondriac make you a hypochondriac?

Well, the AC unit just broke. 82.3 degrees? 80% humidity? Make sense. I should open a window, but I’m clinging to my last strands of hope that maybe if I toggle the switch enough it’ll blow cold air.

Now before we go any further I would like to add a small disclaimer, based purely on my lifetime of average achievements. When reading this blog I simply ask that your expectations of my writing skills not be too high. I am by no means an extraordinary writer. 3 years of B-‘s in literature have proved this. So…don’t judge. My friends once said that when she falls for a guy she wants to drown in him (she’s the writer). I don’t want to drown. I would like very much to be able to touch the bottom and stand comfortably. I’m not a very deep person, I see things in black and white (not literally, I have very good eyesight) . I am how every very emotional in the sense that I cry a lot. I’m not very good at sharing my feelings or expressing thoughts about personal subjects or any subject for that matter. I have it all down and lined up neatly in my head, but when I have to say it to others the words just all get impatient and come out all at once and big ball nonsense :\

I forgot where I was going with this. The gist is, I have a lot going on in the deeper realms of mind so don’t think I’m a shallow, ditzy girl by any means (though I do occasionally have my blonde moments), but if you were to plug an amplifier into the top layer of my subconscious it would probably play a disjointed medley of classic Disney show toons, cause I’m pretty sure I hum them subconsciously all day.

Its been just about 3 hours now, and I think its safe to say that the AC has forsaken me. I can hear my dad trying to trip the breaker. I don’t think it’s going to work, I’ve given up all hope of a comfortable nights sleep. I am going to seek out a cold shower and try to signal down the hall for someone to bring me some water (there are strangers in my house o_o).