17 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Friends With Someone For, Literally, Ever

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Twenty20 / mkb_impervious 1. Inevitably, you move to different states, go to different schools, and sometimes lose touch. But when you return, you’re still as weird and dysfunctional as ever before. 2. You don’t even need to get to the punchline anymore, they’re already laughing. 3. You become friends with their…

How to blog your way through college: Tips for the under achiever.

So you know those moments where you just have so much to do that you just take a nap. That is my life. My whole life. No, not this current moment in my life, but my entire life. This is how i cope with reality. I nap. I dream. I cannot handle the pressure and […]


days:hours:minutes:seconds Yes it is that serious. I am ready to be back on my 21×7 mile island. Remember the me that wanted nothing more then to be “off the rock”? That girl has died in flaming ball of ignorance that is the human race. I honestly can’t deal with the tendencies of humans. And it’s […]

How to avoid people you secretly hate: Tips for the Passive Agressive

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am passive aggressive. I am honestly not one for conflict. I am not a bad ass and I do not claim to be one. I am however one very passive aggressive nephilim and I can and will get you fired from your job with a series of formal […]

Being the only Nephilim on Campus

Not exactly sure if this statement is entirely true. Hopefully it’s not because they spend most of the time in sessions talking about how we are going to find our soul mates. I don’t fully understand the dynamics of human dating rituals but from what I gathered so far you met a person one day […]

How to Make Friends 101: Tips for the Socially Awkward

This AC is on. But I’m hungry. No problem I’ll eat cereal. With my nephilim blood I could live off cereal and milk for years. Oh wait. I can’t eat because I have to take a blood test tomorrow. More needles. I swear I get a vaccine or a blood test every 6 months. And […]