How to blog your way through college: Tips for the under achiever.

So you know those moments where you just have so much to do that you just take a nap. That is my life. My whole life. No, not this current moment in my life, but my entire life. This is how i cope with reality. I nap. I dream. I cannot handle the pressure and this has been my routine since 7th grade. I literally live the life of a toddler. I have a consistent nap time, my whole life is a daydream and I am an incredibly miserable person to be around if I’m hungry. (which always makes me think of friendship time in the bluebird with Ryan and Jade, good times. 3:06:31:01. Yes I am still counting.) If I’m hungry and there is no food on the near horizon I will try my darndest to make you as miserable as me. Don’t make small talk with me, we are not friends until you find the nearest Wendy’s and get me a chicken sandwich. I’m serious.

Also because of my habit of napping (or daydreaming if napping isn’t location appropriate) to escape, I find myself being a habitual procrastinator. I live under the philosophy of “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow tonight” (if the deadline is to close I panic and nap. Its like narcolepsy, but not). But being a procrastinator seems to bother everyone else but me (and my friends back home that always seem to understand my life so much more). All my college friends seem very annoyed if I say I can’t do something or go somewhere because I have an essay due the next day that I haven’t started. The introvert within me, that didn’t want to out anyway, is however very thankful for the easy excuse and I also feel as though people need not worry about homework issues as I didn’t ask for your help and have a decent enough GPA to meet my scholarship requirements, but thank you for the mini lecture, that I didn’t listen to or ask for, on how I need to give my self more time to do things. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do the same thing next week and I’ll probably get an A, again, but your concerns were duly noted.

I say all of this to say that exam week is stressing me out. I have 2 essays due. One tomorrow and another on Thursday. Guess who hasn’t started those! College is a hoot :\ The nephilim blood within me shall get me through these 3 days. And I leave you with a meme that rings so close to my heart.

My first instincts were probably right anyway 😀


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