Yes it is that serious.

I am ready to be back on my 21×7 mile island.

Remember the me that wanted nothing more then to be “off the rock”?

That girl has died in flaming ball of ignorance that is the human race. I honestly can’t deal with the tendencies of humans. And it’s sad because I’m sure I do these things to people too  because it’s impossible to always be able to empathize with everyone but like every other teenager on this hemisphere, I feel so misunderstood…most of the time.

You know what’s important in life? Living in the moment and being happy with where you are, right now, at this very juncture in your life. You know what I’m really bad at? Living in the moment and being happy with where I am. I’m always looking foreword and saying “I’ll be so happy when I’m [insert xyz here]”.

Or maybe I’m not bad at it in and of itself but I’m bad at expressing my happiness to others? Yes? Probably. I think I’m happy here. Especially having my own room to crawl into and be an introverted turtle when I need to. I’m just realizing how good things were at home. How everyone related to each other differently than they do here and how much I have come to like that. I mean that’s were I was raised and that is my culture. Maybe I’m just experiencing some culture shock. Something I didn’t think I would experience in America because I’ve been here so many times and our culture is so heavily influenced by it. But it’s still a different culture. And that means more then just the food you eat and what you do for entertainment (though I really do dream about crab and rice and macaroni on a frequent (real talk!) a miami vice daiquiri would do me a world of good right now with some conch salad, sigh, life dread). I suppose it’s not all bad to think of how things will be in the future. How else would we know what we want in life? But I should also be happy with where I am. How else would would I enjoy this life?

Side note: I want a tiny house 😀


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