My richness is life forever.

It’s funny how I can go through an entire day completely fine until night falls.

Almost like the fear of the dark instilled in me as a child resurfaces, and I can hear my older family members telling tales of monsters and creatures of the night.

I can’t be the only one who experiences the fear of death just before bed.

Just as my mind settles, just as my blanket hits the height of comfort it happens. . .

“What if I die?”

Mind scattering, heart racing, slight panic attack.

Due to nothing more than a fact, living in fear of the one constant this life has to offer.

Death is the promise I wish I didn’t have to keep.

I don’t really know, sometimes I wish I could trigger the thought during my day, maybe I’d be more appreciative of every second I get to experience.

“Nothing’s ever…

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