The List. I enjoy the chase so I’ll let you know we’re coming for you.

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a mobsters daughter.

Like I said in my last post, I am not a bad a*s and I do not claim to be one. But I do have bad a*s friends.

That’s new to you isnt’t it. I know, I don’t like my business in the streets. In related news, people out in the world trying to die.

This is my life’s philosophy “BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS”. You don’t know people life story. And let me tell you I am very unassuming, but my parents are members of the enclave. Things happen yo. Don’t just run up on peoples kids cause you don’t know what they can do to your life. I just saying.

As a mobsters daughter I don’t go looking for trouble it just finds me. I am a member of a mob that is separate from ‘the family business’. We go by the name ‘The Mob’. We’re not complicated ladies (and gentleMAN).

This is our list of people that are to be ‘shanked’, ‘whited out’ and/or mentally tortured:

  1. Eve (because you really could have thought it through more in the garden, now I’m over here stressing cause you was hungry for apples)
  2. Eric (pissed me off early this blessed saturday morning. You have like 4 strikes on your name already)
  3. Theo
  4. The other Theo
  5. Marvin (I don’t have time for the games and I was just reminded of my hatred for you)
  6. Troy (‘Cause I don’t like you. Never did, never will)
  7. Duran (Nigga I don’t know you or your story but if Lathel don’t like you, you clearly ain’t no good)
  8. Deangelo (I don’t know you but bye)
  9. Devand (You had it good for to long, time to go)
  10. Devard
  11. Mcgarret
  12. Jamal
  13. Mott (Before you go let me inform you that you are not swaggin’)
  14. Gary
  15. Gary from Teen Mom (You are WACK!)
  16. Van (dude I’ve never even heard your name before but we don’t ask questions in the mob)
  17. The annoying short dude that goes to C.O.B (the bright one)
  18. The other annoying short dude that goes to C.O.B (the dark one who thinks he’s a mack daddy, boy catch yourself)
  19. Lathel annoying roommate who thinks that she has friends (Girl bye, all mob members friend quota filled)
  20. Vader (or how ever you spell your name, send it to us so we can get it right on your tombstone)
  21. Macy ( you have to many people out for you)
  22. The whore from Q.C. class of 2012
  23. Kreshuan (Don’t covet the D’s of mob members boyfriends)
  24. Shavon
  25. Didi’s cousin (stupidity will not be tolerated)
  26. My annoying roommate
  27. Uninvited humans at the S.A.C. table
  29. Allison from Teen Wolf (I hope you die in the show, I really do)
  30. Cynthia’s rude a*s friend who think she has strips
  31. The two faced b*tch at Atlantis who spreads lies
  32. Earl Johnson
  33. The creepy african guy at Richmond that tries to get with every black girl
  34. Waynesha (Why is that even your name – you have to go)
  35. SUDAN (wack name also – you have to go)
  36. All the CJ’s who currently have baby mommas
  37. Mimi
  38. Blake (You are something else!)
  39. REN & STIMPY
  40. Tevin G.
  41. The woman who assaulted Tasha’s nose with her fish market penis collector
  42. Darius
  43. Devaughn
  44. The freshman who think they are in the mob (Girls bye this is not a game)
  45. Deleena
  46. Nicholas
  47. Eon
  48. Lindsey Lohan ( your existence is annoying)
  49. Jermaine (OMG so many people hate you so much)
  50. The loud mouth people at Jade’s work who always have to much to say
  51. All the thirsty dudes who be trying to bring up the past
  52. Thirsty whores who try to take guys in relationships (RUDE!)
  53. Satan

All entire are subject to sentence change or complete removal from the list if you are brought before the consul and your case is approved before your sentence is carried out (if not, tough nuggets).


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