How to avoid people you secretly hate: Tips for the Passive Agressive

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am passive aggressive.

I am honestly not one for conflict. I am not a bad ass and I do not claim to be one. I am however one very passive aggressive nephilim and I can and will get you fired from your job with a series of formal and well structured memos.
A side from that though my lack of appeal to conflict can place me in tight situations when I hate people but they don’t know. And these people inevitably begin to feel like we are the best of friends and I have to find strategic ways to avoid them. So here are some tips to help those that are passive aggressive nephilim like me and there is no on you can send a memo to.

Avoiding roommates (I’ve got this one completely down):
1. Always wear headphones. ALWAYS. you don’t even have to play music. Sit at your desk and do whatever you want just have headphones in and ignore away. It’s like shes not even there.
Roommate: hey Amanda.
Me with headphones in: (no answer)
Roommate: (louder) Amanda
Me: (lol why this girl raising her voice at me)
Roommate: heeeelllloooo
Me: (girl bye)

2. Always be asleep. Or going to sleep. This one is super easy for me as I do quite enjoy sleep. But seriously I just say ‘I’m ganna take a nap now *turns out light lays in bed and reads book for hours on ipad*’.

3. Lock yourself in a study room all day. I swear the study room is my bedroom. I plan on spending my entire Saturday in there cause y’all humans don’t be focused on the realities of life.

4. Become a part of something they hate in hopes that they will dislike  you as much as you secretly dislike them. My roommate is really self righteous so this is an easy task.


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