Being the only Nephilim on Campus

Not exactly sure if this statement is entirely true. Hopefully it’s not because they spend most of the time in sessions talking about how we are going to find our soul mates. I don’t fully understand the dynamics of human dating rituals but from what I gathered so far you met a person one day and the next day your Facebook relationship status is changed and you’re supposedly expected to be head over heels in love with this person. The rumors about how much people talk about marriages at christian schools are true. Believe everything they tell you. I thought I would be able to handle it but it’s starting to get pretty annoying. Then people gush over super cute married couples (that are still in school by the way) and I’m just there like “why do they look so bored with their lives, oh wait did you say their still in school, oh ok it all makes sense now.” I mean I’m not ganna sit here and judge anyones life but I don’t see the logic behind that. Some people say if you’re in love with someone and you’re ganna spend the rest of your life with them then why wait? I say ‘if you’re in love with someone and you’re ganna spend the rest of your life with them, then WHY WE RUSHING!?’ If I’m supposed to find the love of my life/ the only dude I’m meant to be with then why is there a TIME LIMIT on the time I have to find him. What you’ll need to do is not rush me. And as much as I would love to have a boyfriend I don’t think 2 days is enough time for me to determine wether or not I want to be in a relationship with you. This is why people have so much relationship problems. First of all I have to find out if you’re nephilim or not because I can’t date a non-nephilim, that’s against my religion. And if you give away you’re nephilim heritage to willingly then you are clearly not a good nephilim. There’s this saying on campus “3 swings then a ring”. I guess we only going on the swing once a year then? Is that what you’re implying? Cause that don’t seem to safe to me. I don’t know maybe it’s my bahamian/nephilim heritage mixing a bad combination.

On another note.

My parents left yesterday and I did have an emotional breakdown. I don’t know how much longer I can hold it together in front of people. I’m not used to this consent human presence and it’s slowly driving me up the wall. This campus is full of extroverts and they’re just running around all happy and excited about being around people and going to events and I’m hiding in a corner like “when is everyone ganna LEAVE”. I’m an extreme introvert (meaning that I am physically drained from human interaction, no joke, google it, I read it in parenting magazine – don’t ask me why I was reading, I DON’T HAVE KIDS). Everyone went to a county  fair last night (including my roommate and all my suite-mates) and let me tell you, I WAS IN HEAVEN. I mean everyone is super sweet and funny and nice and all that good stuff but do you know how good it felt to just sit in my room and listen to music and do laundry. YES, I did laundry and I LOVED IT! Everyone here is so nice and it makes me feel so bad for sometimes wishing them all away. I just have a few more days though. (117:05:33:50 – I have a timer on my phone c: ). I miss my parents and my friends already.

I hope I can hold it together.


3 thoughts on “Being the only Nephilim on Campus

  1. Lorrddddd Child I’m here for you!! ❤ You and me obviously gonna need to be skyping when you're having these emotional moments :/

    • lol I wasnt emotional but we do have to skype eventually. I misses you and I only got to see you like once this summer T_________T

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