How to Make Friends 101: Tips for the Socially Awkward

This AC is on.

But I’m hungry.

No problem I’ll eat cereal. With my nephilim blood I could live off cereal and milk for years.

Oh wait. I can’t eat because I have to take a blood test tomorrow. More needles. I swear I get a vaccine or a blood test every 6 months. And you would think this means that my parents are super cautious about illnesses and whats not, but they’re so not. I could be complaining of pains for days and they would just ignore me. I just got a freakin’ chicken pox vaccine. I’ve already had the chicken pox. But I still got the vaccine. And I’ll probably have to get the follow up shot in a few months as well. This is something else.

But I digress.

That is not what this post is about as you can clearly tell from the (pronounced ‘thee’ cause its fancier in my head) title. This post has two main goals. 1. To provide tips for socially awkward people seeking to increase their social circles and 2. To increase my activity level on this here blog.

As a person that is a self proclaimed socially “awkward black girl”, I consider myself the last person you should ever seek out for social consul. But as you can tell from the large overbearing calendar that is forever looming over my head, I am about to take an important step in my life (the transfer) that will put me in a position where I will be yanked from the comforts of my tiny island (21 x 7, real talk, google it) and thrust into a bustling metropolis filled only with complete strangers where the only familiar faces are oceans away. With this daunting fate ahead of me I found myself trying reach back into my subconscious and conscious memories and pull up the skills I employed to make the wonderful friends I have today, so that I could make this move a tad less overwhelming by at least being able to make friends easily.

The memories I have of my first high school (grade 7 is when ‘high school’ begins, just to clarify in case you were confused by some cultural difference) days without friends are very fuzzy ones, but i have managed to grab bits and pieces and figure out or at least guess as to how I made friends.

The conclusion I came to is that I simply made friends by lingering around the same people. No, not making small talk with the same people over and over until ya’ll realize “hey we get along well let’s be friends”. But just simply being there until they realize “hey you’re always here, let’s be friends”.

Disclaimer: This method of friendship making can cause you to be mistaken for a creepy stalker. But if you suffer (which I don’t, I fully embrace it) from social awkwardness, I strongly recommend this method and feel that it is fully worth the risk.

Its also really helpful when you find it hard to make conversation or be yourself around people you’re not particularly close with, because once you’ve been around the person for a while you will feel a certain familiarity. It also helps if you can just throw in little witty tidbits that makes the potential friend feel less threatened by your presence.

In closing I would just like to throw in for possible legal issues that I am in no way encouraging anyone to stalk anyone, just linger. And be pleasant.


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