Tips on “How to Flirt”? Just be personable.

The AC is on and i’m still irritated. I can’t take it. I’m learning a lot about myself lately. Like I literally breakdown in the heat (i.e. I cannot properly function, don’t call my name and for the love of all that is good and mighty DONT TOUCH ME). I have 3 major topics to […]

Field trips, nature walks, teacher workshops. Oh my!

The AC is working. (I feel like I should keep you all informed on the temperatures of my room. Its important to ascertain the mood of the post.) I’m not sure of the exact thermostat reading because its not in my room, but at this current moment in time my feet are freezing. I’ve spent […]

Does thinking you’re a hypochondriac make you a hypochondriac?

Well, the AC unit just broke. 82.3 degrees? 80% humidity? Make sense. I should open a window, but I’m clinging to my last strands of hope that maybe if I toggle the switch enough it’ll blow cold air. Now before we go any further I would like to add a small disclaimer, based purely on […]